On Premise PBX Telephone Systems

Increasing demand for voice, video and mobility have made selecting the right office phone system all the more important. With distributed workforces now operating a range of mobile devices, SME businesses require flexible PBX systems that deliver powerful functionality in the most cost-effective way.

That’s why Ignite recommends only industry leading manufactures, designed for organizations of all sizes. Our telephony solutions are easy to use and simple to manage. Trust Ignite to ensure you remain responsive and able to build stronger relationships by facilitating more productive communications.

Benefits of Ignite Telephony Systems


Choose the deployment model that best suits your business, from standard handsets with great audio quality to virtualised software for your data centre solution.

Lower cost of ownership

Communication is more affordable with Ignite thanks to a smaller upfront investment, reduced support costs and efficient power consumption.


Ignite office phone systems can adapt quickly to the changing needs of your business. Designed to support any combination of analogue and digital lines, they integrate seamlessly with a wide range of complementary services.

Complete collaboration solution

Ignite supports organisation-wide collaboration as well as networking, security and video.

Customers Often Ask Us...

How scalable are Ignite on premise PBX systems?

We install single, stackable, on premise phone systems, which can be customised to the specific needs of your business. In addition to telephony, messaging and conferencing, we offer a unified communications solution for organisations of up to 2,500 users.

How does an Ignite telephone system simplify my communications?

Your employees can be reached via a single number at their desks, on their mobiles or even at home. A single voice mailbox helps them save time by retrieving all messages from a single location.

What are the main reasons customers buy an Ignite telephone system?

Our business telephone systems are scalable for companies of all sizes who are looking to optimise customer service, improve call handling and reduce total cost ownership.


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