Ignite Hosted Telephony

Ignite offers a hosted telephony service aimed at companies who require a greater degree of flexibility in their business communications. Unlike an on premise PBX, this hosted phone system exists entirely in the cloud with handsets connecting in via an internet connection. Staff are also able to make and receive calls using ‘soft phones’ (software running on a PC or laptop) and mobile apps loaded onto smartphones and tablets.

Available as a fully managed service, our hosted telephony solution supports handsets from several best-of-breed manufacturers, includes an easy-to-use web management interface and operates over a range of resilient Ignite connectivity solutions.

Benefits of Ignite Hosted Telephony

Great for home and flexible working

Cloud telephony is ideal for homeworkers, your mobile salesforce and staff who move between locations. This fully managed system provides true flexibility wherever needed, and can be scaled up and down quickly and cost-effectively.

Ideal for multi-site - only one system to buy

Businesses with multiple sites only need to purchase one system to enjoy the benefits of fully networked telephony throughout their satellite offices – as well as free calls between locations.

Fixed line and mobile integration

Reduce your call spend and improve interoperability between fixed line phones and mobiles thanks to our low on-net rates.

One supplier - end-to-end – means we’ll take ownership

Ignite provides every part of this solution from the handsets and internet connectivity to installation, training and on-going support. No hassle – just one supplier and one single point of contact.

You’re always up to date - get new features on tap

You’ll benefit from new system features the instant they are available. The hosted nature of this service means that upgrades and integrations with third-party applications are rolled out automatically, so they’ll be there for you to enjoy as soon as we release them.

Rely on us

Ignite provides full training, support and number porting so you can be sure you’re move to hosted telephony will be hassle-free.

Customers Often Ask Us...

What is the call quality like?

A hosted telephony system is only as good as the underlying internet connection. So with Ignite’s business-grade Ethernet and broadband services providing the backbone to your solution, you can expect top quality communications backed up by the best SLAs in the industry.

Is hosted telephony expensive?

Ignite hosted telephony is ideal for companies trying to keep down their upfront costs. In general, your initial capital outlay will be minimal and on-going monthly rentals can be scaled up and down quickly to ensure you only ever paying for the services you use.

Does it include any management reporting?

Yes, our advanced management reporting logs detailed information on the calls you are making and receiving and supports wallboard capabilities for a real-time display of this information. Please ask for more details.


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