Call Recording

Ignite call recording is a comprehensive extension and line side solution packed with innovative features to record, play, search and archive your telephone communications. Our industry leading technologies mean we can offer one of the most powerful, yet easiest to use, call recording solutions available on the market today.

Our recording products are designed to enhance your business both in terms of quality and compliance. Whether you are looking to capture and retrieve call recordings for regulatory purposes or need to implement business improvements, such as higher levels of customer satisfaction, Ignite call recording meets all your call recording needs with the minimum of fuss.

Ignite solutions are compatible with all technologies – ISDN and SIP - in any combination. We also support mobile call recording, guaranteeing high levels of encryption.

Benefits of Ignite Call Recording

Dispute resolution

When queries arise or specific details need to be checked, Ignite call recording allows you to locate your calls quickly and email an extract to the other parties concerned.


Some organisations need to demonstrate that call recording rules imposed by the FCA (such as PCI compliance) are being followed to the letter. Ignite’s consultants will ensure you comply with all relevant guidelines in order to avoid the fines that could otherwise ensue.

Monitoring Quality

Many businesses use call recording technology as a means of reviewing their customer service levels. Perform spot checks on your support teams to ensure clients are being dealt with professionally at all times.

Improving Performance

Our recording solutions enable you to work with your staff to develop their telephone, customer service or telemarketing skills, by evaluating together live calls that have been made.

Easy to share

Ignite call recording solutions allow stored conversations to be shared quickly and easily with colleagues via email or by creating a conference call.

Customers Often Ask Us...

What are the legal considerations?

Ignite recording solutions meet the regulatory requirements defined by the FCA, PCI DSS and other regulatory bodies and they are updated regularly to ensure that they continue to comply. Please ask for more details.

Can I integrate with my CRM/database?

Yes, our products can be used in conjunction with third party CRM products and database applications, linking valuable customer information to your recordings. Please ask about your bespoke development requirements.


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