Better. Easier.

Combining voice, video and mobile.
Accessible from any device anywhere.


Looking to optimise the ways in which your office-based or distributed workforces communicate? Here are many of the issues we resolve.

  • Want your staff to have flexible working?
  • Old or outdated hardware holding you back?
  • Want to ensure business continuity, whatever happens?
  • Need to ensure compliance with industry regulations?
  • Complex routing and voice strategy a necessity?
  • Want to integrate and harness the power of 3rd party software and applications?

Unified communication solutions that integrate and simplify your business

Ignite’s telephony systems match the flexibility demanded by a modern workforce. Whether mobile or remote, staff can access the same business information and features as your office teams, meaning that they remain productive no matter where they are located. Our unified communication solutions encompass a broad range of technologies, such as data, video, voice and instant messaging. We design, implement and support these systems as a single platform. ... MORE

Utilise the latest technology hosted in the cloud

Ignite’s hosted telephony platform gives you control over your organisation’s entire communications through a simple website portal hosted in the cloud. The latest technology makes it easy to manage multiple sites and geographies, and integrate mobiles and other devices via one efficient system. Available as a fully managed service, hosted telephony automatically upgrades as they are released and integrates third-party applications with ease. ... MORE

Guaranteed 100% business uptime with automated disaster recovery

You need peace of mind that in the event of a disaster, an automatic backup will re-route your calls quickly and efficiently, allowing you to continue to do business. Ignite’s solution is an IP-based replacement for ISDN, connecting your phone system to the public network via an internet connection. It is so resilient that we guarantee 100% business uptime as well as lower costs for your ongoing line rental and voice calls. ... MORE

Complete compliance that keeps pace with legislative change

Data security compliance is a key consideration when recording telephone calls. Ignite’s industry-leading call recording systems are packed with features such as encryption to prevent eavesdropping and theft. It also supports the safe storage of recordings with permissions, restricted access and information retrieval to ensure legislation compliance. The solution is compatible with all technologies, including ISDN and SIP, and with mobile call recording. ... MORE

Ultimate configurability whatever the requirement

The right PBX system (on premise phone system) will give your company the ultimate flexibility to meet the demands of doing business. Whether you require a completely integrated telephony, security, video and conferencing solution or a complex multi-office and mobile voice network, our technology gives you an easy-to-use, cost effective bespoke system which works in exactly the way you want it to. ... MORE

Total freedom to integrate with 3rd party software and applications

A flexible Ignite PBX system seamlessly integrates 3rd party software such as line of business applications, online tools and video conferencing to give staff the opportunity to work as productively as possible. It’s a cost-effective way to give staff access to the latest technology, managing and supporting its use efficiently. It can be adapted quickly to meet the changing needs of your business and can exploit new technologies and applications as they emerge. ... MORE

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