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Advanced, proactive monitoring tools that diagnose
and address problems as they happen.

Managed Services

Want to enjoy total peace-of-mind that your communications technology is always working efficiently? Here’s how.

  • Want to ensure that your network is secure?
  • Need to achieve certification compliance?
  • Want ultimate end user protection against unwanted intrusions and attacks?
  • Using legacy tape backup infrastructure?
  • Experiencing downtime because of hacks and attacks?
  • Unsure of the recoverability of backup data?

Advanced intrusion prevention with managed alerting and reporting

Today’s cyber criminals are using vastly more sophisticated techniques to compromise your business systems and data. Your business needs fast, effective network security that is easy to manage yet allows your staff to work efficiently and uninterrupted. Combine this technology with a comprehensive security policy and constant monitoring and reporting, to know that you are doing the maximum possible to protect your systems and data. ... MORE

Compliance with cross-industry certifications

You need to quickly and efficiently comply with mandatory audits of your firewalls, proving that you are always up-to-speed with regulatory standards and your own internal security policies. Ignite’s managed firewall services automatically deploy the right security at the right time, allowing administrators to easily manage systems through a single, secure platform that audits all user activity. The service is simple to use, cost effective and minimises your risk. ... MORE

Monitoring, reporting, filtering and blocking of emails or websites

Protect your business from email-sent cyber attacks through a web-based interface that automatically reviews all incoming and outgoing emails. This easy-to-use, scalable system is automatically updated to ensure protection against current, malicious attacks. At the same time, protect your reputation, business advantage and ensure compliance by preventing confidential information being shared, accidentally or intentionally, via email. ... MORE

Move to Cloud disaster recovery allowing for infinite scalability and business continuity

Ignite Cloud Backup is a fully managed, automated solution to replace legacy tape drives. Simply backup and recover any data, including virtual and physical systems and apps, onto any appropriate device as you need it. Store as much or as little data as you wish, managing and monitoring your entire environment on multiple sites via one, easy-to-use interface. Peace of mind that none of your data will be lost. ... MORE

Employ advanced threat detection and enhanced security filtering

Staying ahead of increasingly sophisticated network attacks requires access to the very latest security intelligence hosted in the cloud. With real time breach detection and prevention, our system delivers cutting-edge protection that keeps your network one step ahead of the threats by examining every byte in both inbound and outbound traffic - fast, effective security that blocks even the most insidious threat at the gateway. ... MORE

Recover data and be back up and running in 4 hours. Guaranteed.

Should the unthinkable happen, you need to know that you can recover business data quickly so your business remains operational. Our service allows you to replicate your data efficiently at byte level and save it in a dedicated local repository – and when needed, restore single files or entire servers from any previous point-in-time. True peace of mind that you are providing maximum business continuity. ... MORE

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