Managed Email Filtering And Spam Filtering

Constantly monitoring and combating new threats in real-time, Ignite's fully managed email filtering service provides intelligent protection against unwanted or harmful content, only allowing ‘cleansed’ emails to pass through to your mail server.

Many companies install mail scanning software onto their servers to sort spam from legitimate emails, but these products take up valuable server resources and network bandwidth. Ignite’s Email Filtering Service, on the other hand, is a leading-edge cloud solution that stops unwanted messages and malware ever entering your network in the first place.

Benefits of Email Filtering

Email Content Control

Ignite identifies and controls confidential, malicious or inappropriate email content sent to or received by your organisation.

Email Anti-Spam

Our service preserves user productivity by preventing email spam from reaching your network. Automatic updates help us achieve over 99% spam capture.

Email Anti-Virus

Protects your productivity and reputation by blocking all email-borne malware from either entering or leaving your company.

30-day email archiving

Provides 30-days archiving of all outbound and incoming mail, allowing instant retrieval should you accidentally delete an important message.

Email reporting console

A web based interface for your organisation to run and view reports on the usage of incoming and outgoing email.

Customers Often Ask Us...

Does this service guarantee email continuity?

Yes, during an outage, Ignite will automatically store all incoming emails until your server comes back online.

Can I block inappropriate image attachments?

As an option, this service can scan all email and attachments to block inappropriate images from entering or leaving your network. Custom policies can also prevent confidential and proprietary images from leaving your organisation.

What reporting is available?

Our system provides a web-based interface for your organisation to run and view reports on the usage of incoming and outgoing email.

How does this help with email compliance?

Ignite helps enforce your company’s email communication policy by preventing confidential, offensive, inappropriate or time-wasting messages, which could compromise your email communications.


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