Ignite MPLS And IPVPN Solutions

Businesses today are operating in a more dispersed way, demanding secure connections not just between different physical sites, but also from a range of mobile devices.

At the same time, companies are striving to achieve greater efficiencies and Ignite MPLS is an ideal way to create scalable VPN solutions that will deliver secure, guaranteed performance, whilst minimising your network

communications costs. At Ignite, we view our product portfolio in terms of what it enables our customers to achieve and our consultants will work closely with you to establish your priorities. These may be SLA, lead-time, price point or product availability.

Whatever your requirements, Ignite is able to tailor a customised solution for your business thanks to an integration model, which allows us to select the right technology, network, and products for each individual site within your network.



An IP VPN built on MPLS technology comes with an inherent level of security due to its closed nature and the fact that all traffic is isolated.

Tailored to your needs

Ignite consultants will work closely with you to establish your priorities. These may be SLA, lead-time, price point or product availability.

End-to-end solutions

We can provide every part of your MPLS solution, which means we can take full ownership. No hassle – just one supplier and one single point of contact.

Management tools

QoS features enable Ignite to take full control of network resources in real-time, allowing the prioritisation of mission-critical traffic across a platform which can handle voice, video and data networks.

Customers Often Ask Us...

How do I connect to an MPLS network?

You will most likely have either copper or fibre services running into your building. Ethernet technologies can run over both and will deliver dedicated bandwidth. Broadband can also be used to access your MPLS network. Broadband typically operates on shared bandwidth, although Ignite is able to provision assured bandwidth services. Please ask for more details.

How is MPLS different to an IPSec VPN?

IPSec VPNs have traditionally used the public Internet, using encryption technology to create secure tunnels to establish the VPN. This IPSec tunnelling function runs on a customer’s own equipment. MPLS VPNs are different because they run over Ignite’s own private network, so secure connections can be set up without the need for additional equipment or tunnelling technologies. This key difference generally makes an Ignite MPLS a more scalable and cost-effective proposition than a traditional IPSec VPN.

Is Ignite MPLS a Layer 2 or Layer 3 VPN?

Ignite’s MPLS service is Layer 3 in the core, using IP addressing to establish VPNs. To establish access into the MPLS core, Ignite purchases Layer 2 Ethernet and broadband services from other carriers.


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