Ignite ADSL, Business Broadband

Ignite provides high-speed business broadband connections with unrivalled contention ratios and unlimited monthly download allowances. Our service is ideal for standard business usage such as internet browsing, file downloads, email and video communication. It can also be used to access Ignite MPLS solutions.

Ignite ADSL and ADSL2+ is an asymmetrical service, providing bandwidth up to 20Mbps. We offer a range of business-grade shared bandwidth levels, which can be delivered over a new or existing telephone line.

Business Benefits of Ignite ADSL

Cost-effective broadband

Ignite ADSL provides high-speed broadband at relatively low cost delivered via standard phone lines

Business quality

Unlimited download allowances, unrivalled contention ratios and a quality of service suited to a range of business functions.

Flexible pricing

Pricing options give you the freedom to select the performance levels you require.

Bandwidth options

Assured and contended bandwidth options allow you to choose the performance levels you require based on usage

Customers Often Ask Us...

Can I use my existing phone line?

Yes, Ignite can either deploy business broadband over your existing phone line, allowing you to continue using it for calls, or we can deliver the service on a new copper line.

Can I achieve good quality VoIP over ADSL lines?

Yes, because we have the ability to prioritise voice traffic over data traffic or provide dedicated bandwidth for the whole circuit.


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