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Counting on Ignite to boost staff productivity

RBS opts for IP telephony to improve customer service and drive new business efficiencies


RBS is a firm of chartered accountants with offices in Canary Wharf and Marble Arch, London. Specialising in all areas of tax compliance for businesses and individuals, the company offers 40 years’ experience, providing trusted business advice in areas such as planning, forecasting and performance.

Unlike some of its competitors, RBS has long prided itself on being a technology-led organisation, investing regularly in its network infrastructure to provide a faster, more reliable service for its clients.

High-end servers with built in redundancy have been commissioned to protect against extended periods of downtime, enabling the firm to honour its commitment of never ‘missing a deadline’ by ensuring all paperwork is filed on time and thereby avoiding late submission and penalty payments for its customers.

In early 2015, RBS felt that a new office telephone system could leverage new technology in a similar way, helping to deliver higher customer service levels and boost staff productivity. So the practice consulted with Ignite, with whom it had enjoyed a long-standing business relationship, to discuss ways in which it could increase accessibility and integrate better with its IT systems.


RBS is a family-run business, which is proud to say that it ‘knows all of its clients’ names’ and commits time to developing personal relationships, enabling it to provide a service tailored to the needs of the individual. In upgrading its telephony, the firm was determined that the new system should make communications easier for these clients.

After studying all of the available features of a modern Ignite IP phone solution, the introduction of DDI numbers and a modern voicemail system were seen as key to improving customer service by helping callers to reach their main points of contact within the organisation, without the need to pass via a receptionist.

Mobile pairing was identified as a way to further improve accessibility, providing the ability to transfer calls destined for extensions and DDI numbers through to staff mobiles, wherever in the world these may be located.

Finally, RBS was also keen to integrate its new phone system with IRIS, an accounts production software and one of its core business applications, which stores telephone numbers for all of its clients. A ‘click to dial’ feature from IRIS would enable one central telephone database to be managed and save RBS staff time when contacting customers.


Taking all of RBS’s requirements into consideration, Ignite recommended an Avaya IP Office PBX, together with an OAK call recording and reporting solution, to provide a vastly extended feature set to its client.

Initially configuring this SIP-ready platform to run exclusively over ISDN lines, the firm has paved the way for future redundancy, cost savings and line management improvements when business usage dictates that the time is right to embrace SIP trunking for outbound calls.

Ignite relieved RBS of the need to provision lines itself, instead procuring all of the required services on behalf of its customer and setting these up through its own billing platform. This arrangement will simplify all future moves and changes, allowing Ignite to manage these services on behalf of RBS, who now enjoy one single monthly bill detailing all of its telecommunications services.

This industry-leading Avaya phone system has provided RBS with the features it required to improve client service and deliver new business efficiencies throughout the organisation.

Whilst DDI numbers, voicemail to email and a smartphone app have all improved accessibility to key points of contact for RBS’s clients, Ignite’s engineers worked closely with the firm to ensure it achieved the maximum benefit from every facet of its new system.

Ketan Shah, owner of RBS Accounting commented: “The Ignite engineering team was excellent and by configuring hunt groups, DDIs and voicemail, as well as delivering the ‘click to dial’ functionality, which was achieved by integrating with our IRIS software, we are definitely seeing a significant return on our investment.”


By upgrading to an Avaya IP Office PBX system, running over Ignite ISDN services on a SIP-ready platform, RBS has successfully embraced a modern unified communications solution, future proofed this investment for many years to come and also rationalised its suppliers for simpler on-going management.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Introduction of a SIP-ready platform to provide greater business continuity options and improve line management into the future.
  • Inbound/outbound routing failover.
  • DDI numbers have made key points of contact within the organisation more accessible to RBS’s customers, preventing the need for inbound callers to pass via a receptionist.
  • A new voicemail system has improved response times since all messages are now forwarded directly via email to staff workstations and mobile devices.
  • Smartphone application now provides ‘click to dial’ access from the computer screen as well as full functionality from outside the office. This feature integrates with IRIS to make outbound dialing simpler and display inbound caller ID.
  • Improved call reporting. All inbound and outbound calls can now be monitored, producing detailed statistics that enable the analysis of staff performance.
  • UPS backup to provide continued operations in the event of a power cut.
  • Hot desking enables staff to log in to any handset in the office and receive calls to their extension number.
  • Option to activate call recording, which could enable the verification of important details, assist with user training and help resolve potential disputes.
  • Investment protection with Software Assurance, allowing for future system updates at no additional cost.

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