Case Studies

Ignite deliver consistent support across Horizon hosted solution and mobile devices


Commco were introduced to us by Utilize as they had expressed a wish to review their telecoms services, both fixed and mobile. Heavily reliant on their communications, it was important to the client that any new solution could enable collaboration throughout every area of the business.

Commco were already using a hosted voice solution, mobile phones and data services, and had been using their two incumbent suppliers for a considerable time, but they were now looking to pass support for all services to a single supplier.


During our initial consultation with the client, the main concerns around their hosted service proved to be the support issues that may arise from any potential change of supplier. Commco had already invested heavily in executive handsets and wanted a solution that would guarantee them all the same benefits at a similar cost, whilst delivering an improved service and support offering.

With regards to the mobile phones, their main priorities were cost reduction and the appointment of a single supplier for all telco support.


We were able to offer them a Horizon hosted solution that matched their current service, providing new handsets that were configured with both soft client options and mobile applications for greater flexibility and ease of use. Each user has been set-up on the web portal, so that new services can easily be updated and added as and when required. Any new starters can be deployed quickly and linked into the same group settings.

All existing numbers were ported over, and our provisioning team provided ongoing training and support for the client until they were fully satisfied with the new service.

We were able to lower their mobile phone costs whilst maintaining them on similar packages. The client required new SIMs, so we ensured these were set-up and ready to work without any unnecessary disruption.


Client Quote:

“Moving all telecoms to a single supplier was crucial so that we could get the same consistent support across our platforms and mobile devices. The Ignite team were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and gave us the peace of mind that once we had chosen our new platform, our staff would get a high level of consistent support.”

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